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here are sherlock holmes and john watson making your dash better and prettier

that actually made me feel a lot better

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steve and bucky are startled by a levitating knife

It’s been ten minutes why am I still laughing

"the future is so scary"

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this gif of buff chris evans having to pretend like he can’t do a push-up is so important to me. 


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Avengers #26

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All I wanted to do was get my worries and thoughts off my chest but instead while I was trying to talk to my step dad heard one word within it all and focused on it and then blew it up and ended up taking away my ps3. I got punished…for trying to get my thoughts out and having a bad reaction for me getting upset because he didn’t even let me finish before he started asking questions and assuming shit. I wasn’t even finished. All i wanted to do was get my thoughts crazy upset thoughts that kept me from focusing on what really matters. yet there he is making it worse by interrupting me asking me why I’m even focusing on such things well idk my brain just does and that’s why I’m here but instead now I’m in trouble. what the hell…



“Any ideas for the new park sculpture?”

“How about a giant, metallic octopus attacking a rook?”


that’s cool as fuck though

She’s a warrior.

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